How It Works

The Smartest Fan

The Smartest Fan is the ultimate online game for the SF sports nut, where your knowledge of SF sports, history and general facts is challenged and put to the test. Players compete daily against the rest of the Smartest Nation for ranking status, achievements, and bragging rights. Click here to sign up for free and see if you have what it takes to bring home the title of the Smartest Fan!

After you sign up, we will send you an e-mail that you must verify. Remember, you can only register with one e-mail address and play once each day.

The Game

The game is simple, fast, and fun! Players can only play once a day and each game consists of 5 questions, a team question (if you are on a team), and a challenge question. All questions are timed for speed and accuracy, with points being awarded for answering questions correctly and quickly. Questions will range from football and other sports, to university history and general NCAA rules. But, that's not all; during the game players are timed for accuracy and speed and are awarded points for correct and timely answers.

The Smartest Challenge

After players have answered their 5 questions they will then play a Challenge Question. With the challenge question the player will be able to offer up to a maximum of 2,500 points from their total points in their account. Once they've decided how much to offer they will pick from several different challenge categories. If the player answers the Challenge Question correctly within 15 seconds, they will double the points they offered. However, if they answer the Challenge Question wrong, or if it took them more than 15 seconds, the points that the player offered will be deducted from their total points in their account.


We show Leaderboards for students, alum, and fans, which shows the high scores for individual players and teams for today, this week, this month, and this year. The purpose of these leaderboards is so you can compare your performance to other players in the same category.

For the purposes of awarding points to the daily, weekly and monthly winner, we consider only the National Leaderboard.

Daily games may be played between Midnight and 12:59 pm (ET).

Weekly winners are calculated according to games played between 12:00 midnight (ET) Sunday and 11:59 pm (ET) the following Saturday. (In other words, a "week" is considered to be Sunday through the following Saturday.)

In the event two or more players get the same score, the player who finished the game fastest will appear first. In the unlikely event that two or more players get the same score and took the same amount of time, the player who began playing earlier in the day will appear first.

All times are measured as Eastern Time.


Pick'Em is a new feature that presents players with match ups from College Football, College Basketball, NFL, NBA, MLB and more and allows them to pick who they think is going to win. Each match up will have an end date. Once the end date hits at 12:01am, players will no longer be able to make their selection for that matchup. Players will be able to wager their entire points account. Upon entering the Pick' Em page, players will be shown how many total points they currently have. Click here to make your picks now!

Where Are They Now?

Remember Pete Maravich? Or how about Charlie Ward? These are some of the famous college athletes that were legends in their time, but have since disappeared from the spotlight. Each week Smartest Fan will bring its fans an editorial that shows the history of an athlete and where they are today. Check back weekly to see who is the next Where Are They Now? Click here to see this week's "Where Are They Now?".